Installing Fence = Get a Survey!

Fence 9-24-10aAre you or is a neighbor going to install a fence on a property line? Think of this first; a stockade fence costs about $180 for an 8 foot section. This means a 96 foot long fence would cost around $2,200! Fence companies DO NOT require a survey!

What happens when the fence is installed on the wrong property?

  1. A dispute arises.
  2. A survey is needed to determine the property line.
  3. The fence now needs to be moved and new posts purchased and paid again to be reinstalled.
  4. Abutting property needs to be restored.

Stonewall Surveying will research your boundaries, verify any existing property monuments (very important!) and set missing ones; plus set stakes along the property line.

DON’T GUESS ~ Know where the property line is first! A phone call to Stonewall Surveying can guide you in the right direction.

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