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Property Maintenance.

Don’t just clear the leaves off your lawn and walkways, remove them from around your property corners as well. Fall is a good time to walk around your property, check your boundaries and move the leaves that fall and cover your markers. After many years of leaf cover, finding those points may become difficult. If […]

Installing Fence = Get a Survey!

Are you or is a neighbor going to install a fence on a property line? Think of this first; a stockade fence costs about $180 for an 8 foot section. This means a 96 foot long fence would cost around $2,200! Fence companies DO NOT require a survey! What happens when the fence is installed […]

“I don’t need a survey, I can see my monuments”

In most cases, when a homeowner sees a property monument, for example an iron pipe, granite bound or a drill hole in a rock, you can be reasonably sure that this is one of the property markers. It is when situations arise such as putting up a fence, adding an addition to your house or […]