Stonewall Surveying offers professional land surveying and land planning services for homeowners, Realtors, real estate attorneys, architects, engineers, wetland scientists, soil scientists, site evaluators, and municipalities.

Following is a list of potential projects, which may help you decide what type of survey would best suit your needs. If you are not sure, please contact us and we can assist you, or learn about what makes us different.

Property/Boundary Surveys: These surveys will document how your deed relates to what physically lies on the ground. The survey plat or plan would document the significant physical features (house, driveway, etc.), property corners, easements or right of ways, any encroachments or possible boundary issues. This plat would be recordable at your County Registry of Deeds.

Site Plans, Existing or Proposed: This type of survey is similar to a property survey except that more detail is added. Site Plans are usually for building or property improvements such as new construction for buildings or driveways. These plans may have topography and wetlands shown on the plat. Typically, these plans would be taken to a town official for permitting requirements or to an engineer/architect for design purposes.

Topography: Topography is defined as the art or practice of graphic delineation in detail. This is usually found on maps or charts of natural and man-made features of a place or region and is used to show their relative positions and elevations. In simple terms, these plats show contour lines depicting the terrain relief of your property. This would be useful for the design of new improvements or understanding of drainage patterns affecting the property.

Lot Line Revisions/Adjustments: These survey plats or plans are prepared to show how an existing property line can be adjusted between your property and an abutter’s. This plat would help to utilize an existing property by improving setbacks, allowing for better access to the property or to aid in the elimination of an encroachment. Typically, in New Hampshire, planning board approval may be required. In Maine, most times, this can be done without planning board approval. This may require a property survey, and deeds would need to be exchanged between property owners and recorded.

Division of Land Surveys: Provide consulting services and prepare a plat or plan that will meet the town and state requirements to divide a piece of property, which may require planning board representation. A boundary survey may be required that would meet the criteria listed above.

Subdivision Projects: This type of project would require a boundary survey, topographical survey, wetland locations and lot design. We would consult with you and your engineer about the proper development of your land. The town codes would dictate the requirements.

Planning Board Representation: We can provide professional representation to aid in the presentation of your proposed project to the town planning board. This may include preparation of applications, variance letters and an abutter’s list. We would also work with your attorney or engineer, if applicable.

Zoning Board Representation: Proper knowledge of the zoning requirements for a town is critical for obtaining a variance for your property. We are experienced in this area and can assist with this process.

Elevation Certificates: Understanding FEMA requirements can be complicated. We can provide the expertise needed to complete a FEMA elevation certificate or Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA), which may allow you to have your property flood insurance fee waived on your policy.

Wetlands/Septic Designs: We collaborate with soil scientists and wetland scientists as needed for projects. We can assist you with marking the wetlands on your property and/or preparing a septic design.