I would recommend Stonewall Surveying to anyone looking for surveying services. He was also recommended by a friend and I was glad I called him and decided not to go with the company that gave me a quote prior. Stonewall Surveying got the job done in the scheduled time. Ray is a very nice person and very professional. He also looked up information for me that had nothing to do with this property at no charge.

– Muriel Levesque, Homeowner

“I asked Ray to come out and help me mark one of my property lines, and I have to say I was very impressed. He was extremely professional, on time, helpful and informative. He offered me a couple of different options he could provide for me, all of which were extremely cost effective for the project I had in mind. I had just bought a house in June and was having a disagreement with my neighbor about our property line. Not only did Ray stake out the line between my neighbor and me, he also flagged out the remainder of my property, making it very easy to see my existing property lines. This gave me an extreme amount of confidence and peace of mind knowing exactly where my property lines were. I would strongly recommend Ray to all my friends and would definitely call him again if I have the need in the future.”

– Mark, Homeowner

“I contacted Ray Bisson this spring when my wife and I decided to sell our house but keep a large parcel of attached land. We had never hired a surveyor before and did not know what was needed to execute a survey that would be accepted by the town planning board. Ray was great to work with and advised in the first meeting of what we should expect throughout the process. Once Ray started he kept us informed of his progress in record research and in the actual surveying of our property. I knew we made a good decision in choosing Ray especially when I attended the town planning board meeting where Ray presented our survey. Several members of the board complimented him on the presentation and the high quality of the documentation and mapping. There were very few questions because the presentation was so thorough and clear. Ray was always professional, friendly and well prepared. I recommend him highly to anyone in need of his services.”

– Mark Adams, Homeowner

“Board members really appreciated your well-prepared plans. Nicely done.” 

– Liz Evans, Planning & Zoning, Town of Strafford

“I am taking a few minutes to express my appreciation for your work on surveying my New Hampshire property. I was especially pleased that you worked around the winter weather to get it done so I can move on to the next phase of construction.

When I sent a preliminary plan onto my architect he commented that the survey was of high quality. Also, I very much appreciate you taking the time to help me document this project with some strategic photos.

Ray, thank you for your prompt response to my questions and the extra details you gave to this job. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for future clients.”

– Deborah Gaw, Homeowner

“I contacted Ray Bisson at Stonewall Surveying to assist me in my purchase of a piece of property. I needed a quick turnaround for the sale date and he was able to meet the time frame.

The property had many restrictions for placing a new house on it. Ray was able to prepare a plan showing all the requirements the Town needed to grant me a building permit. It was very easy to communicate my needs to him.

Ray exercises a great deal of care and detail in his work. Ray is thoughtful, friendly, and exhibits a genuine concern for others. Working with Ray has resulted in an excellent professional relationship.”

– Bryan Begin, Homeowner

“I have been a Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) for over 40 years and have been employed by the Town of Ogunquit, Maine for the past 18 years.

I have worked with Raymond A. Bisson on several projects throughout the years. He is one of the more adept surveyors I have worked with during my career as a CEO.

Raymond has proven to be an asset to many residences and commercial projects in the Town of Ogunquit because of his understanding of Land Use Regulations and applying that knowledge to their projects. He has been involved in a multitude of projects from subdivisions, flood plain elevations to lot coverage calculations and setback restraints.

I have looked to Raymond for advice on particular instances that were very sensitive in the Town on numerous actions. I have, and will continue to recommend Ray for surveying related projects in the Town of Ogunquit.”

                                                                                                 Paul Lempicki, Land Use Director,
Town of Ogunquit Maine

“I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Ray Bisson for many years. We have worked together on numerous projects.  I subcontracted for his prior employer providing soil and wetland related services. On many of these projects Mr. Bisson provided the surveying, zoning information, and generated the final project plans for the client. All aspects of these projects were very organized and complete.

Mr. Bisson sets very high standards for himself and works hard to achieve his objectives. He exercises a great deal of care and detailed preparation in his work. Perhaps what I admire most about Mr. Bisson are his obvious traits of thoughtfulness, friendliness, and a genuine concern for others. Allow me to assure you that any consideration shown Mr. Bisson will result in an excellent professional relationship.”

– Joseph W. Noel, NH Certified Soil Scientist #017,
NH Certified Wetland Scientist #086,
NH Septic Designer #1104

“When I first met Ray, he was continually honing his skills in deed research, field work, drafting, client interaction, and now, his next endeavor, the full scope of running a small business. Ray’s organizational skills and technical abilities were tested daily and proven in a fast paced, detail oriented business environment. Ray seems to have an innate skill for bringing the science and the art of the industry to bear, to produce a product that is clear, concise and of focused value to his client. He is a consummate professional with standards that raise the bar for the industry.”

– Carl Palm, Technical Services Assistant,
Kittery Water District

“I have worked with Ray Bisson as my direct contact at his prior employer over the last seven years and most recently as the owner and operator of Stonewall Surveying. Ray has compiled comprehensive client proposals for all aspects of Land Use including surveys, sub-division, wetland and vernal pool delineation and carried those proposals through completion of the projects.  I have found Ray to be an experienced professional when dealing with planning boards, and town officials even during the most difficult of permitting processes. His knowledge of the Land Use and Surveying industry is extensive and his drawings are always complete. I would recommend Ray Bisson and Stonewall Surveying for any Land Use Project.”

– Jerry DeHart, State Of Maine Certified T.P.I,
Coastal General Construction, Inc.

“We had a great experience with Stonewall Surveying. Very professional and done within our time frame. Thanks!!!!”

– Lisa Schulman, Homeowner

“I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to Stonewall Surveying and the work that Ray Bisson did. Ray was easy to work with and talk with. He was able to fit my survey into his schedule within a week and even made a second trip out after he discovered some other documents in a search. I found his pricing to be reasonable and his research to be thorough. He not only created the plot plan that I needed for my addition, but was also able to answer some questions about the front property line that had puzzled me. I would recommend Ray without hesitation to anyone needing this type of work.”

– John Wilderman, Homeowner

From Angie’s List

Description Of Work: Surveyed the property, recorded the plans. Walked me along the property line, showed me the alignment of present and past artifacts. Revealed hidden historical evidence of early American and/or history and use of the land. Very professional, very personable, very respectful, extremely knowledgeable.

Member Comments: “Two years ago we contacted Ray, but did not actually contract the job until this fall. I was so impressed that he still had our information and responded to my inquiries as if I had spoken to him just a week ago! As Ray walked me through the woods along the property line, I learned bits of history that I never knew existed there in the woods. For example, barbed wire hidden in the carpet of the woods suggested pasturing activities in the distant past…you never would have guessed it! It was like having a mini history lesson…I was very impressed by Ray’s thoroughness and depth of knowledge. BTW, Ray communicates with you every step of the way and manages expectations by describing the services and processes very carefully. Ray delivered everything that he promised. Do call this company. Don’t hesitate!”

– Ruth Tappin, Homeowner