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Survey Costs and What to Expect

So, you need a boundary survey. The first thing that you need to know is that every property and situation is different. I get asked all the time what it cost to do a survey. There is no cookie cutter price. Think of this analogy: how much does a pumpkin weigh? What do you do […]

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Do you really need Flood Insurance or has your policy costs skyrocketed? A new law that took effect in July 2012 is forcing FEMA to raise the rates. Based on the new law as stated by FEMA: “Beginning in 2014, premium rates for other properties, including non-subsidized properties, will increase as new or revised flood […]

Installing Fence = Get a Survey!

Are you or is a neighbor going to install a fence on a property line? Think of this first; a stockade fence costs about $180 for an 8 foot section. This means a 96 foot long fence would cost around $2,200! Fence companies DO NOT require a survey! What happens when the fence is installed […]

Why does a Property Survey cost so much?

There are many factors involved in performing a Property Survey (a survey to determine the perimeter boundaries of a parcel, set or find the property corners, and to prepare a plan that can be recorded at the County registry of deeds). All of these factors are associated with the cost of performing the services. Below […]

Will a Land Surveyor tell me what I own?

A land surveyor does not state ownership when preparing a property survey. Confused? A property survey is a professional Land Surveyor’s opinion of the physical location of the title boundary. What is the difference? A title boundary is the boundary of such real property as defined in the recorded deed.  An occupied boundary is the […]