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Why am I a Surveyor?

I have been screamed at by neighbors, seen property owners fighting, had the police oversee a project so I could complete the job, been chased by dogs, had guns pointed at me, worked in very cold and very hot conditions, shoveled lots of snow, fought my way through briars and prickers, gone through many wetlands […]

A Day in the Life of a Surveyor: The Compass is Always Correct, Right?

Working in the White Mountain National Forest presented many challenges. Weather, swamps, mountains and rocks are some examples. On one project, we were tracing the steps of a previous surveyor to remark one on the boundaries of the Forest Land along the base of a hill. While using the old plan, we found our starting […]

Property Maintenance.

Don’t just clear the leaves off your lawn and walkways, remove them from around your property corners as well. Fall is a good time to walk around your property, check your boundaries and move the leaves that fall and cover your markers. After many years of leaf cover, finding those points may become difficult. If […]

Compass & Tape Survey

Can we still perform compass and tape surveys today? Yes we can, but should we, not really. Around New Hampshire and Southern Maine, land is too valuable and most reasons for performing a survey is due to impending improvements to the property or disputes with your neighbor. In these cases, you want to know where […]

Who Manages your Land?

Recently we took a family trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We stopped at an information both in Lincoln. In this center they have an exhibit that talks about the New Hampshire Landscape. While walking through the exhibit, we came across this example of who helps manage the National Forests. Many people help […]