Why does a Property Survey cost so much?

There are many factors involved in performing a Property Survey (a survey to determine the perimeter boundaries of a parcel, set or find the property corners, and to prepare a plan that can be recorded at the County registry of deeds). All of these factors are associated with the cost of performing the services.

Below is an explanation of the services involved.

1. Conversations with client.

2. Research at the Town, County registry and/or probate office, State agencies (Department of Transportation as an example for road records), and even other surveyor offices.* Usually copies of records or plans are purchased while doing research.

3. Initial field work includes searching for monuments on the subject parcel and adjacent parcels, setting up the survey control points, and locating all the monuments and other physical features to prepare a plan.*

4. Reduction of the field data to create an electronic drawing file.

5. Draft plan and determine the property boundaries.

6. Return to the property to set any missing property corners.

7. Finalize the plan for delivery to client and/or County registry.

*Additional research and/or trips to the property may be required depending on what discrepancies or issues arise when determining the boundary.

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