Know Your Boundaries – Keep them Clear

I havHere is a photo of a drill hole covered with debris.e mentioned this many times in the past, land is expensive ~ know your boundaries.

In this post I would like to remind everyone to clear debris from your boundary markers. Fall is a good time for this because the leaves fall and cover your markers. After many years of leaf cover, finding those points may become difficult.

If the corners are not visible, then they can get disturbed easier or boundary disputes can arise due to accidental improvements – such as cutting a tree that ended up being on your neighbors property.

In the photos are two examples.

The first photo is a drill hole in a stonewall that is covered with debris. Without knowing exactly where this is, you would have to measure down the wall from another known point. The second photo is the drill hole cleared of debris.

Hopefully you knoDrill Hole uncovered from debris during fall cleanup.w where your corners are. If not, have a surveyor recover and confirm your corners. If they are missing, having them re-set.

Once you know where your corners are, make a note or sketch so you can find them again. If your corner is in the lawn, maybe place a planter near the corner. If the point is in the woods consider placing a fence post near the monument. These suggestion can help you find your corners in the future.

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  1. Thanks for the info about land boundaries. A friend of mine is interested in land surveys. I’ll share this info with him as he looks for a land surveyor.

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