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Know Your Boundaries – Keep them Clear

I have mentioned this many times in the past, land is expensive ~ know your boundaries. In this post I would like to remind everyone to clear debris from your boundary markers. Fall is a good time for this because the leaves fall and cover your markers. After many years of leaf cover, finding those […]

Will a Land Surveyor tell me what I own?

A land surveyor does not state ownership when preparing a property survey. Confused? A property survey is a professional Land Surveyor’s opinion of the physical location of the title boundary. What is the difference? A title boundary is the boundary of such real property as defined in the recorded deed.  An occupied boundary is the […]

“I don’t need a survey, I can see my monuments”

In most cases, when a homeowner sees a property monument, for example an iron pipe, granite bound or a drill hole in a rock, you can be reasonably sure that this is one of the property markers. It is when situations arise such as putting up a fence, adding an addition to your house or […]