Survey Costs and What to Expect

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Cost of a Land Survey

So, you need a boundary survey. The first thing that you need to know is that every property and situation is different. I get asked all the time what it cost to do a survey. There is no cookie cutter price. Think of this analogy: how much does a pumpkin weigh?

What do you do and what can you expect? You start by contacting a surveyor. You can click the “Complimentary Estimate” button or you can call direct at 603-664-3900. You will be asked questions about your property and the reason for the survey need. This is important to make sure that you are getting an estimate for a product you need.

The second thing that you need to know is that surveying prices can vary greatly and online sources stating that you can get a one acre survey done for $300 is completely wrong and unrealistic. The best solution is to select a Land Surveyor based on his or her experience and reputation rather than the price estimate that he or she gives you for a survey. Please check out our testimonial page for feedback from satisfied customers.

Below are the steps necessary to perform a typical Boundary Survey:

  • Talk with potential client about their needs (free)
  • Spend a couple hours reviewing deeds, plans, tax maps, online images, etc. (free)
  • Prepare an estimate for the necessary tasks (free)
  • If necessary, talk or email potential client about estimate or project (free)

Once signed contract received:

  • Get abutters information from the Town/City
  • Perform records search of client and abutting parcels.
  • Field Work – recon client and abutting parcels for existing monuments, setup control points to locate monuments and structures (houses, driveways, roads, utilities, stone walls, retaining walls, etc.), locate with instrument all necessary monuments and details (based upon client needs).
  • Download into computer and analyze the field data to ensure that it meets the state requirements.
  • Determine the boundaries of the property by comparing record information and the existing monuments.
  • Draft or sketch a plan depending on client needs.
  • Return to the property to set missing corners and/or set online stakes (for fences or cutting).
  • Finalize the plan or sketch for client.
  • Prepare final invoice.
  • Email invoice and final plan to client.
  • Once payment is received, paper copies are mailed to client.

6 thoughts on “Survey Costs and What to Expect”

  1. Excellent overview on land survey costs. What areas of New Hampshire does Stonewall Surveying service? Also, I think you mentioned you have pictures of our crew during the 1993 Appalachian Trail Survey in Maine. What a job that was!

  2. Stonewall Surveying’s main area is York County, Maine and Strafford, Rockingham, Merrimack, Belknap and southern Carroll Counties in New Hampshire, but we can work all over New Hampshire. Yes, I do have some. I will be using those in “Day in the Life of a Surveyor” posts.

  3. Thanks for explaining that surveying prices can vary by a large amount. My brother is thinking of purchasing land so he can have a place where he can construct a building for his marketing business. I’ll tell him to do some research on land surveying so he can get it done at a good price.

  4. It really helped when you talked about land surveying and how it works. Recently, my wife and I decided we want to build our dream house from the ground up. We just found the perfect piece of land, and since we want to start the construction soon, we’ll be sure to look into a surveyor’s service. Thanks for the information on boundary surveys and how to find a reliable professional for the job.

  5. Absolutely true, getting asked how much a service costs before understanding the scope of work that is involved is like asking a home builder how much it costs to build you a new home. Prices can vary widely a just giving someone a number doesn’t provide any context or show value on your part. Nice post.

  6. I had no idea that surveying prices can vary drastically. But I know they are still important. So I’ll try and find a service that won’t charge too much.

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