Family Cemetery plots are very interesting to me. Whenever I see them I like to find out who the families were and the dates etched into the stones. Many times there are interesting statements about the person. These cemeteries are also very valuable to Land Surveyors. They provide us with a quick history lesson that can fit pieces of the research puzzle together. You can determine who the father, mother and siblings were, who the daughter was married to, if there was more than one wife/husband, how long the family was using the land, etc. My family and I were hiking South Mountain in Pawtuckaway and we came across an interesting family plot. I took pictures and made notes before we left and then when I got home I started researching this family. This is an interesting story that I wrote on our KidsinNH.com site entitled “South Mountain at Pawtuckaway State Park” (http://kidsinnh.com/2009/05/26/south-mountain-at-pawtuckaway-state-park). Next time you are walking around or taking a hike and see a cemetery, stop in and take look.

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