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Old Maps

Old maps are more than just cool to look at or to hang on a wall. There is so much valuable information on old maps. Look closely and you can see roads, rivers, houses, cemeteries, hills, old boundaries, even names of residences. This information is not needed for every project, but when you get into […]

National Surveyors Week – March 16th – 22nd

In 2007, the United States Government put forth a bill in recognition of Land Surveyors past and present. This year National Surveyors Week is celebrated from March 16th thru March 22nd. This country has many famous surveyors, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, Andrew […]


Family Cemetery plots are very interesting to me. Whenever I see them I like to find out who the families were and the dates etched into the stones. Many times there are interesting statements about the person. These cemeteries are also very valuable to Land Surveyors. They provide us with a quick history lesson that […]