Surveyors DO get lost at times, sort of.

How many people remember the TV series “Lost”, where the plane crashed and the passengers were stuck on a deserted island, sort of? Well, I didn’t get that kind of lost, but here is my version.

Working in northern Maine, many roads are made by logging companies and these can go anywhere. One particular day as we followed the corridor of the Appalachian Trail, we crossed a logging road. We continued working the rest of the day and decided that instead of hiking through the woods the whole way back that we would take the logging road.

We remembered seeing a road along the way and believed that this road would connect to the road where we parked. We started up the road and after walking for a long period of time, we started wondering where the other road was. We eventually came to a cross road and thought this was the road we were parked on.

After about an hour on this road, we started wondering if we were heading in the right direction. By this time, we decided that it did not make sense to turn back and we continued on. We eventually came to another cross road. We knew that we only crossed one road, so we kept going left. Eventually, we found our vehicle, but we had walked about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get there. Next time, we stuck to the woods!

Where have YOU gotten lost?


3 thoughts on “Surveyors DO get lost at times, sort of.”

  1. I got “lost” with you that day, Ray. I’ve never admitted we were lost. We just didn’t know where we were!

    Do you remember the “Death March” when both our crews ran out of water and we met at the top of a dry ridge? You asked me if I had water but, alas, I had none either. My crew barely made it back to the cabin on Bald Mtn pond and your crew nearly spent the night in the woods on the opposite side of the mountain.

    20 years ago this year.

    Stonewall Surveying is a great name for a surveying company, BTW.

  2. Yes, Ron I do remember that day. That will be a future post! Nice to hear from you and thanks for the comment. I also have a picture of you and me in the woods that I will post soon especially since I know you are getting the blogs!

  3. Very good, Ray. I do not have any pictures from that time, it would mean alot to me.

    Live long and prosper,


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