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Who Manages your Land?

Recently we took a family trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We stopped at an information both in Lincoln. In this center they have an exhibit that talks about the New Hampshire Landscape. While walking through the exhibit, we came across this example of who helps manage the National Forests. Many people help […]

Will a Land Surveyor tell me what I own?

A land surveyor does not state ownership when preparing a property survey. Confused? A property survey is a professional Land Surveyor’s opinion of the physical location of the title boundary. What is the difference? A title boundary is the boundary of such real property as defined in the recorded deed.  An occupied boundary is the […]

If I have a deed do you need to go to the registry?

If I have a deed do you need to go to the registry? The simple answer is YES! There are many factors that go into a boundary survey and without doing research many important details may be missed. For example, a gravel road runs alongside your property, but you may or may not have rights […]