Hiking in the fog

Mt Bigelow ~ 1992aWhile working in the mountains, we would try to work as much as possible. Eventually the conditions can get to you whether it is bugs or weather.

We were in a wet cycle with multiple days of rain so we decided that we would not work in the rain on this particular day. We were staying at a hunting camp with one other group. While relaxing we heard that the owner of the camp was going to guide the other group up Mt. Bigelow overlooking Flagstaff Lake. We decided to tag along since there was nothing to do at the camp.

By the time we got to the mountain, the rain had let up some and eventually stopped.Mt Bigelow ~ 1992b But as we walked up the mountain it seemed like we were hiking through a drizzle most of the way up.

As we approached the top, we were in an extremely dense fog. We couldn’t see 10 feet in front of us. The other group wanted to turn back, but we convinced them that we were close to the summit so they decided to continue.

We finally reached the summit and the fog broke. At the top, we were able to see Flagstaff Lake and the surrounding area for about 10 minutes before the fog rolled back in. It was a wonderful site! The long hike up was well worth the brief view.

I guess we could have worked after all, but sometimes you need to stop and “smell the roses”, or in this case, admire the beauty of the Earth from above.

Mt Bigelow ~ 1992c

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