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A Day in the Life of a Surveyor: The Compass is Always Correct, Right?

Working in the White Mountain National Forest presented many challenges. Weather, swamps, mountains and rocks are some examples. On one project, we were tracing the steps of a previous surveyor to remark one on the boundaries of the Forest Land along the base of a hill. While using the old plan, we found our starting […]

Old Maps

Old maps are more than just cool to look at or to hang on a wall. There is so much valuable information on old maps. Look closely and you can see roads, rivers, houses, cemeteries, hills, old boundaries, even names of residences. This information is not needed for every project, but when you get into […]

If I have a deed do you need to go to the registry?

If I have a deed do you need to go to the registry? The simple answer is YES! There are many factors that go into a boundary survey and without doing research many important details may be missed. For example, a gravel road runs alongside your property, but you may or may not have rights […]