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Surveyors DO get lost at times, sort of.

How many people remember the TV series “Lost”, where the plane crashed and the passengers were stuck on a deserted island, sort of? Well, I didn’t get that kind of lost, but here is my version. Working in northern Maine, many roads are made by logging companies and these can go anywhere. One particular day […]

Hiking in the fog

While working in the mountains, we would try to work as much as possible. Eventually the conditions can get to you whether it is bugs or weather. We were in a wet cycle with multiple days of rain so we decided that we would not work in the rain on this particular day. We were […]

Please put the gun away and then we can talk!

I get asked this question a lot: Do you every get a gun pointed at you. The answer is yes. I am not referring to a hunter …… that is another story. The most interesting story takes place during a project in Wells, Maine. My team was out in the woods and searching for different […]