What Makes Us Different

Stonewall Surveying is an innovative land surveying company that utilizes the latest technology in robotic equipment. Why is this important? This type of technology makes a surveying project more efficient by decreasing the number of people needed in the field, hence more cost effective for the client.

Most importantly a licensed surveyor is always in the field overseeing your property and the project. This person also performs the deed research and can apply what was discovered at the registry towards the final project.

Having a licensed surveyor perform all the necessary tasks, helps in making an accurate boundary determination. Larger firms may use a field crew strictly for doing field locations, and another person to do research. A licensed surveyor does not get involved in the project until the boundary determinations are made. They may not have seen the property at all.

At Stonewall Surveying, a licensed surveyor will work with you throughout the project ensuring your needs and the project goals are met.

“When I first met Ray, he was continually honing his skills in deed research, field work, drafting, client interaction, and now, his next endeavor, the full scope of running a small business. Ray’s organizational skills and technical abilities were tested daily and proven in a fast paced, detail oriented business environment. Ray seems to have an innate skill for bringing the science and the art of the industry to bear, to produce a product that is clear, concise and of focused value to his client. He is a consummate professional with standards that raise the bar for the industry.”

– Carl Palm, Technical Services Assistant,
Kittery Water District